Miód na mój mózg

po dwóch miesiącach walki z wstrętnym niemieckim tomiszczem i interpretowania wyników wyplutych przez g-translatora, doszłam w końcu do  jedynego francuskiego artykułu. Czytam jak karabin maszynowy.

Nowa jakość życia.



Home after six weeks away, I find a sweet potato in my cupboard has turned into a lionfish. (by Bernie DeChant)


The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic

"Though written for children, nursery rhymes often conceal references to historical events. Here are the hidden stories behind three popular nursery rhymes.
Humpty Dumpty
This classic nursery rhyme is also a history lesson in the English Civil War. Humpty Dumpty was not originally an egg, as immortalized by John Tenniel, illustrator of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass published in 1871. Rather, the name referred to a cannon used by the army of Charles I in 1648 to deter the opposing army of Parliamentarians. In fact, there are two preceding verses, now mostly forgotten, that name the expert gunner, One-Eyed Thompson, and the cannon, Humpty Dumpty. The cannon was mounted on a church tower and effectively defended the town of Colchester for nearly three months. Eventually, however, the church tower was knocked down and the cannon tumbled into the marsh below, never to be found. Thus all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”
Dinoplatz by Too Cool for School from Korea.
3rd place in The Dieline Package Design Awards.2013
Designed by Crosspoint New York, artwork by Hatori Sando
[…] Cóż bowiem uczynić z oświadczeniem X-a, iż określony typ muzyki lub malarstwa jest dlań trudny, kiedy wiadomo skądinąd, że uposażenie percepcyjne tego X-a jest ograniczone. Jest to casus chyba nieredukowalny do socjologicznej interpretacji.
S. Morawski, Sztuka łatwa i sztuka trudna [w:] Na zakręcie od sztuki do po-sztuki, Kraków 1985, s. 39.



Atoms As Big As Mountains – Neutron Stars Explained

Neutron Stars are some of the most strange things in the Universe. Not quite massive enough to become black holes they are basically atoms as big as mountains with properties so extreme that it is mind-blowing. And if you get too close to a neutron star you are in big trouble…

Neutron stars are dense. Really dense. So dense that a cubic centimeter of neutron star has the same mass as a skyscraper-sized cube of iron. Learn about these miniature massives in this great new video from Kurzgesagt

Golden chalice. Miniature in “Hallesches Heiltumsbuch”, 1526, Aschaffenburg, Hofbibliothek. Represented is a work by the goldsmith Hans Hujuff from Halle (Germany), now in Uppsala cathedral.
Source: Sol & Luna, Auf den Spuren von Gold und Silber, Frankfurt 1973.
Cup with representation of silver miners, Saxonia, about 1500. Miniature from “Hallesches Heiltumsbuch”, 1526, Hofbibliothek Aschaffenburg (Germany).
Source: Sol & Luna, Auf den Spuren von Gold und Silber, Degussa (Hrsg.) 1973.

more: http://www.dhm.de/datenbank/dhm.php?seite=5&fld_0=RA000119

Burt’s Bees turns 30.



Ying Yu Rose Quartz Face Roller / CultBeauty

(but seriously, why on earth does it cost over 40 pounds? I’m starting to think there’s a place in China where they’re making all of them. Some goes for 3-5 dollars on aliexpress, some gets fancy label and hits glossy magazines pages.)
Edit / I guess these cheap ones aren’t genuine stone but some imitation
Bacteriae feeding on electricity!