Ying Yu Rose Quartz Face Roller / CultBeauty

(but seriously, why on earth does it cost over 40 pounds? I’m starting to think there’s a place in China where they’re making all of them. Some goes for 3-5 dollars on aliexpress, some gets fancy label and hits glossy magazines pages.)
Edit / I guess these cheap ones aren’t genuine stone but some imitation
Alexander Wang x Hayden Shapes
Bacteriae feeding on electricity!
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le vandalisme embelisseur

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essentially contested concept

(Source: Wikipedia)


National Geographic  October  1967

a farmer and his donkey in Zamora Province haul flowering nabiza, turnip plants, to feed his cattle or to be pressed for vegetable oil. Spain, March 1978

nomad smoking 
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ślęczyciel i miłośnik zagadek


Pink Lake Hillier, Australia